Friday, October 21, 2011

Copy of Bachelor Challenge from Sims 2 site

The only story I used the Sims 2 story creator for. This is written in the style the creator sort of forces on you. The original story in the Sims 2 site - which may permanently disappear at any time. Description:
Bachelorette challenge. One lonely girl and 7 hopeful suitors. Hope you will like it.

Family Name: Romantic
Lot Name: CAS!

Categories: Comedy,Romance,Sims Life Stories

Welcome to today's Bachelorette Challenge.

This is our Lonely Sim. It's the resurrected Gvaudoin Tricou. Her parents don't get along, her grandmother hates her and she hasn't found a single compatible Sim.

Let's solve her problem by introducing her to some new housemates, shall we?

This is Humphrey Bogart representing poorly designed celebrity Sims. He's entered the challenge to prove he's an interesting enough Sim to be included in the normal neighborhood. If this doesn't work out, he's stuck here with these Sims *forever*.

Let's wish Humphrey lot's of luck with that.

This is Timothy. He's never really had much of a chance with playing around. He fell in love early at University and has never strayed. Over here, he can stray as much as he likes without risking his relationship.

This is Phillip, already a very successful romance Sim. His charm could be used as a stun weapon at 10 paces. Few Sims have managed to resist him when he decides they are his next target.

This is Trevor. While normally a fortune Sim, he's willing to make a sacrifice for glory. Romance Sims usually find him to be HOT. He usually makes friends and lovers easily but how will he do with this challenge?

This is Vanny. He was chosen for this challenge because he has no fewer then 5 Sim females that he has a 3 bolt attraction with. Obviously hot stuff. Love balloons follow him everywhere, and that's when he's a fortune Sim.

This is Bill, fighting for the honor of ugly Sims to be allowed true love. Or at least a bit of woohoo. He's quite a sweet fellow and a very successful Romance Sim.

Ricky, representing the elder Sims still ready to do his bit to cheer up a lonely girl.

I did think about turning Ricky back to his adult self for the challenge but having an elder in the group adds to the variety.

Day one of the challenge. Basic rule of this day is that you can't deliberately make your Sim interact with any of her housemates. They have to be allowed to do what they like.

Bill speaks to our lonely Sim first. He's a fast worker.

Go Bill!

Perhaps I should mention that Bill is a very successful romance Sim. He can cause more hearts to flutter when he enters a room then you can imagine. Of course, you may have a hard time believing even a single heart flutters but he's far better than that.

Ricky tries to make a move but hasn't really impressed Trevor with his style.

"How about a hug"

"Hey, wait, I don't even know you yet! "

"I feel sick already, can I get a doctor?"

"Are you kidding, this is the cheap version. We don't get fancy stuff like doctors."

"Which do you think is easier? Prison or this challenge?"

"There's a difference?"

"Are you sure about this?"

"Well, I'd rather be home but somehow there seems no way for me to choose."

As suggested in the original challenge, we start with opening up the bar. However, Gvaudoin is no where to be seen, just some of the guys decide to share a drink.

Oh, there's our lonely bachelorette. And there's Bill, again.

Pillow fights to win a girl's heart? That's an unusual strategy. Then again, all these Sims are brand new and this is their first encounter with anyone. So they can't do anything like flirt autonomously yet. This alone brings Bill's friendship with Gvaudoin much higher.

Umm, guys, you're meant to be talking to the girl. Boozing around the bar when she's not there isn't going to help you in this game.

Obviously, they don't feel much need for Gvaudoin's company. As long as the bar doesn't run out.

Their first shared meal.

"I'm hoping for a trophy. One worth lots of money."

Ah Trevor, once a fortune Sim, always a fortune Sim. Even if you're supposed to be romance for this challenge.

"And no more boozing, no one notices me when you've all been drinking"

You expect me to live here without drinking? Have you seen all the roommates yet?"

"Hmmm, can you cut back on the boozing a bit?"


Bogie goes for the chess game early.

Getting in practice before the round with Gvaudoin?

Our lonely Sim is still pretty lonely. Where the heck are all those guys?

You'd think with 7 of them, at least one would be somewhere close but no.

The rules say that they have to interact on their own and she just keeps wandering off on her own.

Oh there are the guys. Back at the bar again.

Drink early, drink often seems to be the rule in the house.

They didn't even get dressed this morning, just straight for the booze.

BTW Bill, aren't you supposed to be thinking about the girl? That's Phillip you're thinking about.

"You know, if this gets popular, we might get a series out of it."

"Really, can you imagine us on tv? We'd be beautiful baby!"

This is still first day rules, so Gvaudoin decides to play chess. Alone.

This may explain why she is a lonely Sim. She never seems to want to hang out with any of the guys.

We reach noon of day 2 and the first of the guys must leave.

In this case, it's Ricky who is booted first. He did make two friends so far, but hasn't spoken to our lonely Sim at all.

Sorry, time to go.

Next time, keep your mind on the game. I expected better of you.

Some of the guys gather around to boot Ricky out...oh wait, to bid a fond adieu to one of their competitors.

There is a definite pattern developing here. Who decides to hug Gvaudoin?

Did I mention that Bill is a very good romance Sim?

Oh, I did.

Are you beginning to see why?

So we've moved to Day 2 of the challenge, first up is the group date in the hot tubs.
The group of guys that made it to the hot tub with Gvaudoin are Vanny, Bill (again???) and Humphrey. Bill is still hoping for that tv series.

I would like to take this moment in time to apologize to the spirit of Humphrey Bogart. I gave him a random zodiac sign - Leo. Leos have 10 outgoing points.
So this challenge includes lots of hot tubbing and every single time, Humphrey is going to be in the nude. Oops!

Phillip prefers to eat then to go share a hot tub with this crowd.

Do we blame him for this?

Timothy is also in hiding, well away from the hot tub scene. I think they've heard that they won't get to share with the girl so they don't want to go.

Trevor thinks computer games are far more interesting then hot tubs as well.

Guys, we did *try* to get you into the tub. Can't help it if you aren't quick enough on your feet.

Finally, rounded those strays up so they would be in hot tub 2. See guys, it isn't so bad, is it?

After the hot tubs, it's time for some one on one chatting. Dear, you are not going to run away with Humphrey.

You have several days left to go and the guys are all here for you.

t takes a *lot* of drinking to get through one of these challenges.

The guys are getting to be good friends with each other.

Trevor doesn't seem impressed by Gvaudoin's stock report.

"Do you think a plane is the quickest way out of here?"

No Bill, the fast way out is to insult Gvaudoin.

Vanny is definitely not making a good impression with his chat.

Nor is Bill making a good impression.

Gvaudoin doesn't seem to be doing that well at chatting with anyone except Humphrey.

Gvaudoin talks to Timothy about making best friends. At the rate she's going, it's a good idea to get all the tips she can.

Timothy is the second to leave the challenge. After the flirting earlier today, he had a 2 bolt attraction for Gvaudoin. However, there wasn't sufficient time left for him to capitalize on the situation.

At this point in time, Gvaudoin has 2 bolt attractions for Humphrey and Trevor. She's friends with Humphrey and Bill and has developed a crush for each of them. Bill may be ugly but he's very successful at being a romance Sim.

And so Timothy successfully escapes the madhouse...oops, I mean the Bachelorette Challenge.

So begins the next round of hot tubbing. The lucky Sims to share with Gvaudoin today are: Vanny, Phillip, and Bill. Why does the fact that Bill made it again not surprise me?

The unlucky Sims for the day are Trevor and Humphrey.

After the group date in the hot tub, now comes the one on one date playing chess.

Gvaudoin starts the chess with Humphrey, currently one of her favorites in the house. She is still trying to convince him to run away with her, but there is no easy escape for our heroine.

I must confess that at this point, I used the maxmotives cheat because there was no way that she was going to be able to have five 1/2 hour chess games without collapsing in a little heap.

The second chess player is Vanny.

Making travel plans seems to be the most important topic of conversation. The other guys are warming up their chess skills before their turn arrives.

Chess is very addicting. Trevor couldn't bring himself to stop yet and went over to join Phillip on his own.

Poor Gvaudoin, apparently losing to Bill is particularly bad for Sim esteem.

Trevor and Phillip continue their match. Learning a skill and developing a friendship. What more could you ask of any game?

Bill in deep concentration. Scary thought and scary face.

"Maybe if I lose enough weight in here, I can slip through the cracks and escape."

Ha, there is no escape until we tell you to go.

Bright and early the next morning, and Bill is thinking about his major competitor.

Bill is the Sim Gvaudoin likes best just now but Humphrey isn't far off.

Now the next part of the challenge is to do two flirts with each of the Sims. Gvaudoin starts with Bill. It will be a good warmup, and Bill never refuses a flirt.

Oh, is he smitten with Gvaudoin at this point in time.

Humphrey with his two bolt attraction is another easy target.

Oh baby!

She has no problems flirting here..

Trevor seems to like some flirting as well.

A bit of handholding then on to her next victim...urr...

At first, Phillip seems properly responsive.

But then he refuses her next advance. Not a wise move, my boy.

Finally, it's Vanny's turn.

He needs more love in his life and accepts the flirts.

On the third day, Phillip is the least liked of the bachelors left. So off to the computer with you, my boy.

Refusing one of the flirts was not a good idea if you wanted to stay in the game.

Bill has a brilliant strategy. He initiates a hug with Gvaudoin in front of the competition while everyone is in the room to say goodbye to Phillip. His timing was slightly off, Trevor doesn't yet have a crush so he doesn't really care. However Vanny and Humphrey both see it.

Ah, the sound of heartbreak, nothing quite like it.

As you would expect, the plot Bill hatched works perfectly. Bill watches so calmly while Humphrey shows his feelings over the affair.

Not only has this broken Vanny's heart, but it seems to have done something odd to his arms as well.

Humphrey is still attracted to Gvaudoin, in spite of his broken heart. It may help that she's the only girl he knows.

Vanny's arms return to normal long enough that he can slap the girl too.

Now up until this moment in time, the order of preference for the guys is Bill, Humphrey, Vanny and Trevor. Now that Bill has effectively sabotaged his competition, only Trevor remains in the game.

Given time, the other two would eventually get over this, but they do not have time for it.

So, will Bill win or will Trevor take advantage of his new position. Tune in for the next chapter to find out.


Never created a part two to this. Mostly because Bill won hands down though Trev was catching up quickly. Humphrey visited every day and would have eventually won the girl back given time.